Thursday, October 2, 2008

So, you're only here for the food...

Welcome to I'm Only Here for the Food: A blog dedicated to food.

We cook A LOT! A lot of people cook from scratch, some of us take a recipe and do our own adjusting, and sometimes we just find an awesome recipe that we want to share. This blog is to make the sharing part of cooking easier!


When you find a recipe you want to share, create a fun dish, learn a good tip that will make life easier (ex. a concoction that makes your sink not stink, etc), or even if you make an awesome dish and you just want to show off your mad cooking skills, you can post it to this blog. Then everyone who sees this blog will also have access to your culinary brilliance!

When you want to share anything, email your post exactly as you want it to be read to :

It will be posted on the blog the same day.

Things to include:
Title of dish
Instructions (Don't forget cook time and temperature!)
Photo (Totally optional, but if you remember to take a picture of the dish, it will be posted with your recipe!) Just attach it to the email!
A link if you found the recipe online

If it's a kitchen tip, just share the tip.

Ok everyone, blogging starts today!

If you try a recipe off the blog, make sure you comment and let everyone know how it went!

Happy cooking!

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